What is this site?

This websites purpose is to make upcoming altcoin events better known. A crypto currency's value can be dramatically increased based on its new techology being released. We aim to ensure you never miss a big event again!

Why use the site?

A coins value can dramatically increase due to its events. Knowing the dates of coin events can help you get in before the price sky rockets. An example would be OMG, this coin has recently been added to a new exchange causing the price to increase by 30%+. Furthermore, this will help other smaller coins get noticed (new ICO's). With new ideas and solutions to major technological problems being solved, investing in the right coin can not only make you money but improve the technology era. This might sound silly, but think about it for a second...


I hope to eventually have all major coins events logged for users to view easily. I have many ideas for this site which I aim to make hunting profitable coins to invest into much easier. I plan to add many many more features to the website. Some other features that will be integrated are as follows:

  1. Practise your crypto currency trading skills using Consensus (I plan to rename/re-brand this soon).
  2. Trading guides
  3. Email and SMS notifications

Believe me when I say lots and lots of features coming soon...

Submitting an event.

So, I have to personally validate every coin submission, else people could post "fake news". When you submit a coin event, I will quickly check the source and see if its legitimate. However as I love to program, I am in the process of writing several programs to gather coin event data for me and auto-validate submitted events. For now though, I will manually do it (I will validate every request within 12 hours).


Using this website you wont miss events which can make you money


The release of CrytoCal - September 16th 2017

The site has launched, please help it by adding coin events to the website! I do plan to try and eventually monetize of the website to help the website grow and ensure all the correct important information is added (before it gets released anywhere else?). By using this website you can quite easily profit easier. Stay tuned and pop onto the site every now and then. Updates coming soon (please note, registering to the website will be required for some of the extra features). If you want to contact me please do so: [email protected]